Missionaries of the Precious Blood  

The Missionaries of the Precious Blood are an apostolic community of priests and brothers  founded by St. Gaspar del Bufalo, a Roman priest. The Congregation of the Missionaries of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, C.PP.S. (Abbreviation for Congregation of the Most Precious Blood), was founded with the purpose of renewing the faith among priests, religious and laity in the Papal States following the end of Emperor Napoleon's tyrannical reign of chaos.

Did you know that the Precious Blood Community serving St. Charles...

  • Was established on August 15, 1815 by St. Gaspar del Bufalo, who was born in Rome, Italy and who gave us the title: Congregatio Missionariorum Pretiosissimi Sanguinis Domini Nostri Jesu Christi (Congregation of Missionaries of the Most Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ) abbreviated C.PP.S.
  • Is an Apostolic Institute united not by canonical vows, but by a Bond of Charity which forms them into a family in Christ.
  • Came to America in 1843 through the leadership of Fr. Francis DeSales Brunner, who was ministering in Lowenberg, Germany, and who accepted the invitation of Bishop Purcell of Cincinnati to respond to the spiritual needs of the German immigrants in Ohio.
  • Continues to grow with more than 600 definitively incorporated members in 17 different countries throughout the world and a growing number of lay companions who share their charism and mission.
  • Has members serving in a wide array of ministries: both urban and rural parishes; educators; chaplains in hospitals, prisons and the military; serving in foreign missions; preachers of retreats and parish missions; serving wherever the needs of the people of God are recognized.


St. Gaspar del Bufalo, the apostle of the devotion to the Precious Blood, was born in Rome on January 6, 1786. As a devoted priest he revived the works of the apostolate in Rome and later became a dedicated missionary. In his missionary travels of Italy, he invited the faithful to reflect upon and to adore the Precious Blood of Christ. In the year 1815 he founded the Congregation of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood; and in 1834, with encouragement, Blessed Maria de Matias founded the Congregation of the Sisters Adorers of the Blood of Christ. He was beatified by St. Pius X in 1904 and canonized by Pius XII on June 12, 1954. His feast day is October 21.


We continue to vision of St. Gaspar who proclaimed the life-giving blood of Jesus to a people seeking healing and hope. In our culture there are so many people suffering from a variety of problems. We offer hope because we share the great news that God, who sent Jesus to shed His Blood for us, is with us in our every need. We serve in a variety of ministries that are dedicated to preaching and witnessing to the Word of God while working in collaboration with the laity and calling forth their gifts. As an Apostolic Institute we are united not by canonical vows but by a Bond of Charity which forms us into a family in Christ. St. Gaspar’s vision was to have the community observe the traditional vows of poverty, chastity and obedience not out of obligation to the vows, but out of a personal commitment from one’s heart. All our professed members, priests and brothers, form a fraternal community and are committed to the service of God in the Congregation by an act of special consecration which is rooted in Baptism.


Today more than 600 members serve in parishes, home and foreign missions, education, as chaplains in hospitals, prisons and military services, offer retreats and parish renewal programs, and in supportive positions in our institutions.  Spirituality and devotion to the Blood of Christ is presently exercised by Precious Blood Missionaries in the following countries: Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, Guatemala, India, Italy, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Colombia, Vietnam, Guinea Bassau, and the United States. The Missionaries of the Precious Blood have three provinces in North America: Atlantic, Cincinnati, and Kansas City Provinces.


Inquiry Formation begins the formal journey with the community. It is a time of on-going discernment and prayer where a person learns about our community through contact with the director of vocations, a mentor, printed materials and various days of reflection. This may lead to formal application and acceptance into Initial Formation.

Initial Formation is when the candidate lives in our house of formation in Dayton, Ohio participating in community life, apostolic ministry, spiritual growth and academic formation. A candidate must be in Initial Formation for at least one year. From this experience the candidate moves into Special Formation - a year long experience wherein the candidate and congregation discern more intensely upon the life and charism of the congregation in preparation for Temporary Incorporation. Advanced Formation requires further refinement of the candidate’s identity as a future priest or brother. All candidates are provided the necessary professional and vocational training for their ministries of service to God’s people through their membership in the congregation.

Our candidates for priesthood participate in the program of formation at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, a four year program of formation in preparation for ordination.  Click here to learn more about the Formation process with the Missionaries of the Precious Blood.


We, the Cincinnati Province of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, are an apostolic community founded in 1815 by St. Gaspar del Bufalo. We are united by a bond of charity and rooted in the Spirituality of the Blood of Jesus.

We are called to participate in the on-going renewal of the Church and the realization of the
presence of God among ourselves and the people we serve.

In our willingness to be flexible and responsive to changing needs, we fulfill our mission through:

  • supporting and nurturing one another
  • embracing a life of prayer
  • calling forth the gifts of the laity and working in collaboration with them
  • preaching and witnessing to the Word of God
  • promoting conversion and reconciliation
  • pursuing justice, ever mindful of the poor & marginalized

Prayer for Vocations

Good and gracious God,
you have called us through baptism
to be your beloved children,
to put on Christ
and to go about doing good works.

Grant us more men and women
willing to consecrate their lives
to building up your church.

Inspire many people to become part
of the great movements of holiness
which renowned saints have launched
as one way of following Christ.

Help us all to live our baptismal grace
as your beloved sons and daughters,
with whom you are well pleased.

We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord.

Prayer to St. Gaspar

St. Gaspar,
you loved the persecuted Church,
and in the name of God you
accepted disgrace and exile.
We beg your intercession for the Church today;
help us discern how we are to live
and promote the message of the Gospel.
United with you,
may our hearts have compassion for the
poor and abandoned.
Increase our love for the Blood of Christ,
so that we also may be
prepared to risk our lives.
We thank God for your
good works and example.
Strengthen our union with you
that we may not weaken,
but grow stronger in our vocation to the
honor of God and the
salvation of souls.

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