Many religious communities that came to America engaged in farming to provide practical labor and livelihood for its members. The St. Charles farm began in 1861 and continues to be a noteworthy operation under the direction of the brothers. Ecological practices for preserving and honoring the sacredness of God's soil has been in the forefront of tillage management, notably utilizing the no-till method for crop cultivation. Over 200 of the total 1,400 acreage is officially classified as tree forest for environmental preservation. Selected crops grown in a typical year include 400 acres of corn, 400 acres of soybeans, 140 acres of wheat and 120 acres of alfalfa hay. The remaining acreage accommodates buildings, lawns, lakes, streams, etc. St. Charles maintains a milking dairy herd of around 120 cows, and has been noted for registered Brown Swiss quality cows.


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