Merlini Hall (Infirmary)

The infirmary was recently renamed "Merlini Hall" by the Provincial Council of Missionaries in honor of Venerable John Merlini, the third Moderator General of the Congregation. Fr. Merlini accepted Fr. Brunner into the community; later sent him to Switzerland to begin a C.PP.S. Community there; and also gave him permission to come to America. Fr. Merlini was also a Spiritual Director and guide to St. Maria de Mattis. He was declared Venerable by the Church (one miracle from being named Blessed, which is one step closer to being officially named a Saint.)

The infirmary provides 29 individual living quarter rooms with individual baths available for priests and brothers who need special health care. There are three levels of health care available: total care, assisted care and self care. Nurses along with nurses aids are on duty 24 hours each day to offer their assistance. Since St. Charles serves as a retirement center, residents can spend their declining years in the infirmary where they are given excellent care. A primary physician visits once each week and is on call 7 days a week. Community Hospital at Coldwater, Ohio, is 7 miles distance from St. Charles. Referral specialty physicians in cities as Lima, Dayton, Columbus, and Cleveland are also made available.

The Infirmary

The infirmary is connected to the main building by a hallway, and is located on the north end to the left of the main building.

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