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St. Charles Art Fair
April 2013

A very successful Art Fair was held at St. Charles from April 5 to April 10. Professional artists from local studios in Ohio and Indiana, as well as budding artists from nearby schools displayed a very wide range of arts and crafts.   While the majority of the items were paintings, some of the artists worked with wood and paper. Others displays had artistic jewelry and pottery.


Each artist had his or her own registered area to display their works and the art works were available for purchase. One rumor (unconfirmed) was that one artist sold over $30,000 dollars work of paintings. Both artists and viewers thought the Art Fair was a great success.  The number of visitors registered over 900 people. There is an interest that the St. Charles Art Fair might become an annual affair.

The picture below was artistry of comic pictures. One comic creator, who lives across the Ohio to Indiana, brought pictures of Garfield and some other comic heroes - Batman, Superman and others. The Garfield comic strip has a museum into Indiana, a few miles from Mercer County, Oh.

Comic Artistry Wood Art 
Japanese artworks made of Paper  Jewelry
Abstract Modern Paintings Paintings 

For over a hundred year St. Charles was a seminary where our young men were educated and prepared to become priests. For many years St. Charles was called “the priest factory.” When the students became fewer and fewer in the 1960’s, St. Charles was closed in 1969.

Almost all religious orders had the same declining student problem and so 18 Religious Seminaries merged into a united seminary together in Chicago, Illinois and the students of St. Charles joined with them.

The problem then was what to do with buildings, which was built for more than a hundred people. For several years we searched for some other use of the buildings. Eventually, the decision came down to two choices. Either we remodel and open apartments to lay people for Senior Living, or eventually plan on demolishing these landmark buildings and then build a smaller building for the use of retired priests and brothers. That would have been much less expensive than remodeling the buildings for other use.

The Missionaries of the Precious Blood launched a fund drive to help remodel St. Charles and our friends from throughout the U.S.A. came through with generous donations.  Our thanks to our friends for the help is seen in this picture, which is an artistic expression of the works of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood and also shows the gratitude to our friends for their support. The lighter panels list the names of major donors. This work of art hangs in the corridor that leads from the Chapel to the dining room. 

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